Keystone Theatrics at The Playhouse At Allenberry Announces Auditions For The Odd Couple (Male & Female Versions)!

Male Version Directed by Chris Krahulec
Female Version Directed by Daniel Inouye

Show Description
This classic comedy discovers what happens when persons of opposite personalities and lifestyles become unlikely roommates. Prolific American playwright Neil Simon brought slovenly Oscar Madison and fastidious Felix Ungar to the stage in 1965, and won the Tony for Best Author of a Play. The Odd Couple went on to become a film and a successful television series. In 1985, Simon revised the play for a female cast in a contemporary setting, in which Olive Madison and Florence Ungar become the mismatched roommates after a marital separation. From a male or female perspective, hilarity results when the worlds of these endearing characters collide! The show will be performed in rep with both male and female versions in the run.

Audition Requirements

Audition Dates (please attend 1 and arrive at the posted start time):
Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 6:00 P.M.
Monday, January 28, 2019 at 6:00 P.M.

Callbacks (if needed)
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 6:00 P.M.

Please be prepared to:
– Read provided selections from the script
– Be prepared to fill out a conflict sheet at auditions (be as specific as possible about conflicts throughout the rehearsal period)

*Additional audition times may be scheduled ONLY if you are unable to attend the scheduled auditions. Please contact Keystone Theatrics Staff at, to schedule an audition at least two weeks in advance if this is the case.*

Rehearsals will begin in February 2018.  Tech week will be from Saturday, March 30 through Thursday, April 4, 2018.  No absences will be accepted during tech week or performances.


Male Version:
April 5, 13, 2019 at 7:30 PM
April 6, 14, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Female Version:
April 6, 12, 2019 at 7:30 PM
April 7, 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Please make sure you can fully commit to the rehearsal period and performance schedule before auditioning.  You must be willing to make the show a priority.

Performers Needed
Performers 18 and up are welcome to audition.  Experienced or first time performers who enjoy acting are invited to audition. All ethnicities are encouraged to attend.

Roles Available
Male Version (6 M, 2 F)
(Suggested Playing Ages Listed)

Oscar Madison: (Male) (Lead) (Late 30s-50s) Sportswriter. Slovenly, recently divorced.

Felix Ungar: (Male) (Lead) (Late 30s-50s) News Writer. Fastidious, hypochondriac whose marriage is ending.

Murray: (Male) (Supporting) (Late 30s-50s) Poker buddy. NYPD Policeman.

Speed: (Male) (Supporting) (Late 30s-50s) Poker buddy. Gruff and sarcastic, he often picks on Vinnie and Murray. A playful bully.

Vinnie: (Male) (Supporting) (Late 30s-50s) Poker buddy. Mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed’s verbal barbs.

Roy: (Male) (Supporting) (Late 30s-50s) Poker buddy. Oscar’s accountant. Dry wit but is less acerbic than speed.

Cecily Pigeon: (Female) (Supporting) (Late 20s-40s) Oscar’s upstairs neighbor. Gwendolyn’s sister. Divorcee. English (British Accent).

Gwendolyn Pigeon: (Female) (Supporting) (Late 20s-40s) Oscar’s upstairs neighbor. Cecily’s sister. Widow. English (British Accent).

Roles Available
Female Version (6 F, 2 M)
(Suggested Playing Ages Listed)

Olive Madison: (30s-40s) A single woman making a great living for herself and lives in a nice big apartment on Riverside Drive. She is taking advantage of her newfound freedom as a woman but is also desperate for a man in her life (if only for a night) after being recently divorced. She is an incredibly sweet friend but at times a push over, especially to Florence. She is a terrible cook and a messy roommate but her free nature makes her fierce, honest, and lovable.

Florence Ungar: (30s-40s) A woman at her breaking point, incredibly fragile, especially after her husband decides to leave her. She is always put together, but has no source of income or stability in her life. An excellent cook and homemaker, nothing makes her happier than when she is cleaning up a space for others to enjoy. Currently living with her friend Olive in her house on Riverside Drive.

Sylvie: (30s-40s) A blunt woman who loves to smoke and is newly pregnant. A close friend of Olive, Florence, Mickey, Renee, and Vera.

Mickey: (30ss-40s) A logical and crude cop who is working class and tough on her husband and friends. A close friend of Olive, Florence, Sylvie, Renee, and Vera.

Renee: (30s-40s) A compassionate single woman who is practical, honest, and a feminist. A close friend of Olive, Florence, Sylvie, Mickey, and Vera.

Vera: (30s-40s) A woman who is incredibly calm and caring, and a little prudish and conservative. A close friend of Olive, Florence, Sylvie, Mickey, and Renee.

Manolo Costazuela: (20s-40s) A kind man from Barcelona, brother to Jesus. Lives with his brother in the same building as Olive. (Over the top and somewhat of a caricature)

Jesus Costazuela: (20s-40s) A kind man from Barcelona, brother to Manolo. Lives with his brother in the same building as Olive. (Over the top and somewhat of a caricature)