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Audition Dates:
Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 6:00 PM OR
Monday, July 15, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Audition Information

Submission Information

Who May Audition?

Anyone may audition, depending on the age groups required for the selected play or musical (please see individual audition pages for production specifics).  We welcome diverse and talented people of all ages, physical abilities, races, genders, and levels of experience for casting in lead, supporting, and ensemble roles.

When Are Auditions?
Audition dates, times, and requirements vary by show.  Click on the Audition Info boxes above for full audition and performance details.
How Are Auditions Conducted?
For a musical, the audition is typically split into three sections:
  • Vocal Audition – You will be asked to sing a few bars of a prepared piece.  An accompanist is provided.  Please provide your own sheet music to be played.
  • Dance Audition – The dance audition determines how well you are able to move and learn simple dance steps.  Dance auditions may be more complex if the musical calls for complex dance numbers.
  • Reading – You may be asked to read provided selections or monologues from the script.  Nothing needs to be prepared in advance.
For non-musicals, auditions typically consist of readings from the script.
Preparing to Audition
Play auditions generally do not require advance preparation.  Actors may be asked to perform monologues or to read from the selected script while interacting with other performers during the audition process.  For musicals, you will be asked to bring your own piece of prepared music.  Unless otherwise stated in the audition notice, you may bring a CD or device with pre-recorded background instrumentals.
When you come to auditions, please have your schedule and conflicts ready.  As much as possible, we try to build a rehearsal schedule around conflicts of the cast and staff.  Conflicts for some rehearsals are permitted, but not for tech week or performances.  Conflicts can contribute to casting of the show.  Directors wait to finalize the rehearsal schedule until after the cast has been chosen.  The average rehearsal period is six to eight weeks before the show opens.

Keystone Theatrics Audition Policy


Keystone Theatrics has a list of principles that we adhere to in regards to all auditioning and casting activities:

  1. Keystone Theatrics casts from open auditions.  First consideration for roles will be given to those who choose to audition for the show.
  2. In the event that a director elects to pre-cast a role, notice will be given before the audition.
  3. Keystone Theatrics will always cast those they feel will best suit the role and production.
  4. Keystone Theatrics will not allow favoritism to be shown at an audition.  Every audition will begin from a level playing field.
  5. Keystone Theatrics will always strive to make the audition process open and polite.  Every auditioner will be shown appreciation for their willingness to audition.
  6. Keystone Theatrics will always present a prepared audition process.  Auditioners’ time will always be a consideration.
  7. Keystone Theatrics will strive to provide timely notification throughout the casting process.  All auditioners will be notified as soon as possible regarding casting decisions.